Mountain High : Share the Mountain

When we were tasked with the national launch of Mountain High Yoghurt, I was really taken by the sincerity (and naïveté) of the brand. The company had a loyal following in Colorado and in a couple other pockets in the West because it had never changed. It always felt local. It always felt unaffected by the fast-paced world around it. Only sold large tubs, and made with just a few ingredients, it really was a symbol of how simple food used to be. Our job was to create a digital and social campaign that captured this feeling on a larger scale, but without feeling too big.

“Share the Mountain” became the banner of the campaign, with a new brand voice and perspective for Mountain High that spoke to the quaintness and quirkiness of the company. We helped them feel quintessentially local, no matter where they went. It was a campaign that was embraced by old and new fans alike: effectively rooting them in new markets and growing their Facebook base 600% in the first three months.

+ Credits

CCO:Dennis Ryan
Creative Director:Brian Hurley
Art Directors:TJ Shaffer, Ellie Drotning, Cameron High
Copywriter:Hillary Churchill
Social Media Manager:George Fiddler
Producer:Henni Iwarsson
Sound Design:BWN