Liberté : Nothing Can Define

Liberté is a French Canadian dairy brand with a rich history of painstaking craftsmanship and high quality ingredients. Last year, General Mills began distributing Liberté yogurt to American foodies. There was a great story to tell: the heritage, artistry, selectivity, purity, luxury, craftsmanship, taste and texture of Liberté are what makes it so incredible. Quite a mouthful. The solution was a bit more refined.

The Liberte brand needed an organizing concept. One that played into discovery. “Suggest, don’t define” became our mantra as we built the brand from scratch. Using handcrafted visuals and sparse but inviting language, everything we made worked to introduce the brand in meaningful ways. Artistry, heritage and selectivity became the work, instead of a long list of copy points.

After a year in market, Liberté is growing fast. The campaign raised awareness and drove trial. Better yet, the work was embraced by foodies, an audience often quick to reject anything associated with large brands, thereby laying the groundwork for a successful future.

+ Credits

CCO:Dennis Ryan
Creative Director:Brian Hurley
Art Director:Emily Hoyne
Copywriter:Mark Andersen
Producer:Henni Iwarsson
Director:Irv Blitz
Photographers:Laurie Frankel / Betty Crocker Kitchens