Heggies Pizza : Touch-Tone Website

Heggies Pizza used to be the best-kept secret in Minnesota. That was until the frozen pizza brand grew exponentially through word-of-mouth in past few years. The cult-like following they’ve acquired is rooted in the interplay between a great product and very naive branding (to put it nicely). You’d never expect this mom and pop frozen pizza to be the best one you’ve ever tasted. That’s why people told their friends.

So when Heggies wanted to us update their old website, we wanted to preserve its charm and quirkiness, while still making something impressive. The solution ended up being an odd combination of analog and modern technology. To start, we launched with the world’s first website navigated by a telephone call.

The cult grabbed a hold of the site and jumped in. Site visits and duration went through the roof. More importantly, they embraced and shared the first piece of deliberate marketing Heggies Pizza ever created. That’s a good start.

+ Credits

CCO:Keith Wolf
Creative Director:Brian Hurley
Sr. Designers:Bryan Ische / Shawn Bielefeldt
Copywriter:Dave Reidinger
VP Technology:Shane Mechelke
Front End Developer:Robert Broneak
Back End Developer:Sean Van Dyk
Agency:Modern Climate