Donatos : Warwick Seltz

In 2005, Donatos Pizza was extending its hours in select markets to grow its late night delivery business. To be successful, they needed a “Did I just see that?” campaign that would grab the attention and curiosity of late night, college-aged and not entirely sober groups of friends.

Enter the law firm of Warwick-Seltz. Upholding the rights of all those impacted by faulty pizza orders, they hit late-night cable TV airwaves and surrounded college campuses, offering free counsel guiding everyone towards the better, Donatos pizza they deserve.

If you've had bad pizza, they'd like to meetz'ya.

+ Credits

ECD:Tom Moudry
Art Director:Brian Hurley
Copywriter:Linda Birkenstock
Producer:Eman Zohdy
Director:Josh Thacker
Editor:Brian Slater
Sound Design:Modern Music
Agency:Martin Williams